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Full Version: Weather Forecast v6.4
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Weather Forecast v6.3 is released.

  • Added Yahoo OAuth2 authorization support
  • Fixed: Incorrect pressure value

Please note, you have to authorize True Launch Bar application with your Yahoo account to use the Weather Forecast plugin. In the properties, press "Authorize..." button, allow True Launch Bar to access your profile and copy/paste the access code from Yahoo to Weather Forecast properties.

Weather Forecast v6.4 is released.

This version fixes problem with downloading weather for some users.

Is there a way to change it from a 10-day forecast display? Even to a 5-day or 3 day? I don't see anywhere that is an option. But I recall that before the update, I was only seeing a 3-day forecast.
Right-click the days you don't need and select "Hide". These days will be hidden.
Thank you!!
Is there any way to hide the "+" but not hide the "-"?