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Full Version: TLB forum monitor
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I've written a provider file/ skin for weather monitor 1.2 that will allow it to monitor the TLB forums and change displays when there are new posts. Right now I'm just testing to see if it works (I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for somebody else to post Wink )
If it works, I'll post the zip here.
Well.. it doesn't seem to work. I link to and have it set up so that if it finds a blue button (on.gif or on-cat.gif) on that page, meaning there are new posts, it sets the condition to Sun, whose icon on the plugin is a blue button. I have set up the provider file to use cookies, but it never seems to use the current page, i.e. all topics always have the white iB button according to the plugin, but when I visit the page, there are blue buttons. Here's the provider file code:
name = True Launch Bar Forums
SendCookies = 1

find0 = "entry -->"
find1 = "<td bgcolor="#E9E9E9" align="center" width="5%"><img src=""
delim = "gif"

and the skin.ini file:
name=True Launch Bar Forums
version = 2

iconPos = 3 3

[default icons]

The bg.png is a white button, on.png is a blue button. Essentially, I'm trying to set it up so that it parses the web page until it finds the first instance of on.gif (but not the "key" at the bottom of the page). If it finds one, it turns the button blue, if it doesn't find any, it stays white. If I change the Find1 line in the provider file to look for ".../off", it turns the button blue, so I'm pretty sure everything is set up correctly, it's just not finding any blue buttons on the page, even if there have been new topics. I wonder if it just won't work because the cookies that tell which topics have been read are browser specific?

So, any ideas why its not working and/or how to fix it?
try to remove quotes from find1:
find1 = <td bgcolor="#E9E9E9" align="center" width="5%"><img src="

this must works Smile
BTW great idea and TLB Forum monitor Wink
Unfortunately, that doesn't work either Sad

It's like it can see the page fine, but it just sees all the iB buttons as off, regardless of if there are new posts or not.

Like I said, I can change it so that it looks for off.gif graphics, and everything functions fine that way, but that's not very helpful to anyone.
hmm... now I see Sad this is the bug of the Weather Monitor. It does not send cookies. OK in the next version I'll fix this bug.