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Full Version: a linux like collapsable menu
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when having many toolbars open they all have to be always on top to be useful but when having a lot of toolbars always on top is rather difficult as you would have to use BIG monitors with BIS res to have them comfortable. Then when having another TLB open at the side of the desktop for example it would have auto-sensing on it and be always on top, then with one it would get minimized and behind every window, except ofcourse the small button for max/min. as it is good to have always the same TLB open at the taskbar and autosensing bar in a seperate toolbar this feature would be very useful as most people don't use auto-sensing all the time.
Thank you for suggestion. I'll try to release it Big Grin
Smile Yuri Kobets you are the best, I just don't know how one man can do so many things, are you not makin over 90% of the TLB ? Smile