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Full Version: Don't ignore this it's an example of how - to make beautiful PNGs for your toolbars
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Just a little example of how to use PNGs as overlay images, to make a new image that fits your toolbar, make a screenshoot of your toolbar, then select only the toolbar with image editing software, copy it and paste into new image, then you can modify it just 100% like it will be on your toolbar, btw pings can be transperant so use it if you want to make somethin more beautiful. ( I didn't do that here as this is just an example )
Looks very good for a fixed menu. I haven't tried the background PNGs yet.

(P.S. I didn't ignore your other posts either, it's just that I know nothing about the recent topics 'the way u use PNG' and 'a linux like collapsable menu'.)