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Full Version: Skins not working properly ! - Please help !
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I have download two skins, one called twist and called whistler blue, I have set the skins to skin the toolbar and the menu's.

When I create a menu and have multiple columns like below the menu looks like the silver skin, this applys to whatever skin I am using, any idea's why ???

Example :

[Image: menu.jpg]

In the pic above I am using the whistler blue skin but the menu's still come out silver and I have definatly ticked skin both toolbars and menu's in the TLB settings.

Also how do you get the analogue clock to appear, I have the TLB Clock plugin installed and on but only seem to get a digital clock.

any help on these two matters, would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
The multi-column menu skin thing appears to be a bug. As for changing the clock, right click it and select properties. From here you can change the skin (several skins use analog clocks - just browse through them and find the one you like best) as well as fonts, formats, and time zone options.
If the multi-column menu skin thing is a bug, will it be fixed or can I report it somewhere.

Its a bit of let down when trying to build menu's.

Can I report the bug somewhere ?

Kind regards
Yuri, the programmer, reads these message boards regularly, so I'm sure he's seen this post. I don't think there's any need to post it somewhere else.
Currently multicolumn layout uses the skin of toolbar. Most of skins does not skin background for toolbar so for multicolumn layout (I call this toolbar layout) you see silver skin.

In the next version I'll enhance real multicolumn layout so it will be the combination of toolbar layout and multicolumn layout released in version
Thanks Yuri. Big Grin