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Full Version: Transparent Menus with NON-Transparent Icons - PLEASE!
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I hope this would be a PER-FOLDER option like view mode, icons size, etc.

Thanks for the great product! Big Grin
I see you are waiting for the same thing as I transperant menus with SOLID icons, not transperant. I want semi-transparant menus but not have the icons transparant.
That would be sexy. Just icons as you show, not so much for text menus.

So what do you think Yuri?
ofcourse make sure the text does get the same transparancy as the icons, not the background.
It's beautiful Smile
So, is this a difficult feature to implement, Yuri?
Yes and I shedule this feature for future. I want to make stable release (3.0) and then will add more fearures in betas Wink
Just want to add my vote for this feature. I would then place a TLB on the left-edge of my desktop, make it completely transparent, and it would let me keep My Computer and Recycle Bin in familiar places without becoming obscured when I maximize windows and without spoiling my wallpaper.
This feature coming soon?
I hope soon.