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Full Version: Command Line v.2.0
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Quote:There is a possibility to change width of the command line. If there will be a possibility to change height - it can solve the problem I think...
Unfortunately no, there's not. When the taskbar is vertical, changing the width of the command line changes the height, when in this case, you actually want to make it wider. Theoretically, if you could change the height as well, I agree that would solve the problem, but I don't see any way to do that, either with the properties dialog, the skin.ini, or the skin's background.png file.

Yuri, I think this brings up 4 suggestions. 1: Allow the user to change the height of the plugin. 2: The skin's background.png file and text direction should be rotated 90 degress when the taskbar is vertical, by default. This should be 90 degrees left (text direction bottom to top) for left-docked taskbars, or 90 degrees right (top to bottom text) for right-docked bars. 3: Add 3 radio buttons to the properties dialog box - left, top/bottom, and right - to allow the user to override the default orientation. Note that changing the orientation would also change the meanings for "width" and "height" in relation to the plugin. 4: Change the preview to show the current orientation. Along the bottom for horizontal or along the left or right side as appropriate. Also include some sample text so the user can see text direction.
OK, I fixed my Remote Desktop problem.

It wasn't working locally either when I had the chance to try it, and turns out I forgot to reboot. :/
As you can see on my screenshot, text is typing correctly. I mean from left to right as usual, not from bottom to top. So the problem is in orintation or in width and heght only...
Quote:As you can see on my screenshot, text is typing correctly. I mean from left to right as usual, not from bottom to top. So the problem is in orintation or in width and heght only...
I understand that. However, some people use verical taskbars that are only one icon wide, so the current command line default orientation would be preferable as long as the text direction were rotated as well. In suggestion #3 above, I requested the ability to override the default orientaion. This would give you the ability to have a horizontal (left to right) command line, and suggestion #1 would allow you to change the height as well as the width to fit your taskbar layout.

The suggestions I made were to fix all the related problems I see with the plugin's behavior, not just the ones you were pointing out.
Can I ask how everyone is setting up the command lines. For instance, how to setup a google search (for more than one word in the search) via Opera? or methyl, how you have the alt-tab setup to go to the command line plug-in?

For the google search I originally had this setup:

Alias: g
Command Line: opera.exe
Working Directory: C:\Program Files\Opera7

That seemed to work fine until I had more than one word in the search string. I noticed in MyIE2 (because the quick searches are configurable) that it uses (specifically the %s). I have no idea what the %s refers to, but I notice profbobo said with the IMDB search he uses the %s. I tried it but no luck; google searches for one string: "%s", and the other strings are opened in another Opera tab as the "DNS" name.

I have just recently started trying aliases, but not sure of some practical uses like Bob Freeman has stated.

I successfully have it working with a file search program, Locate with following:

Alias: l
Command Line: locate32.exe -r
Working Directory: C:\Program Files\Locate

I am not sure how entered strings are handled besides %1 %2 %3... for 1st string field parameter, 2nd string field parameter, ...

EDIT: I do know that if I enter g "search string" it will work properly, but I was hoping to get it working without needing the quotes.

Hello Zero-Point

Have you seen this?
Search Bar Pro

Yes I have seen Search Bar. I wanted to make aliases for command line plug-in since I already use it for windows commands (ie take place of win-r, start | run). I have found the alias I posted for Locate VERY useful. Also, I like that the command line plug-in is not a floating toolbar.

Personally, I don't like programs like that (floating) since I have to move them out of the way a lot or if I put in the tray, it's just one more step to do basically defeating the purpose.

Thanks for the suggestion though!
yeah, /me is an idiot, AGAIN; I didn't even realize cmdline had predefined search aliases.

Also, I realized TLB needs to be refreshed to enable/change the general cmdline hotkey.
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