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TLB & Windows 10 - Administrator issues - MrPapaya - 07-24-2016

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I'm finding some oddness in how Win10 deals with 'administrator' accounts, compared to Windows 7.

I am logged in to Win 10 with my 'administrator' account, but there are still times where I must manually approve a change. This was not necessary under Win7.

For example, some of my programs require me to go into their properties and set the 'run as administrator' button, or they will not function properly. Remember, I am already LOGGED IN WITH ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES.

Also, I cannot add a new submenu to most existing TLB menus, as it simply gives me a 'Cannot create file' error. I found that I needed to go into the menus properties & modify the security privileges of my account. They are currently set to NOTHING. After changing to FULL ACCESS, things start to work as under Win7.

I don't really have a question. Just wanted to share my frustration & see if anyone had similar problems. If you are finding anything not running after converting to Win10, the first thing to check is if it needs Admin rights now.

RE: TLB & Windows 10 - Administrator issues - Yuri Kobets - 08-13-2016

This is UAC, who make you frustrated. Generally Windows 7 have the same behavior, but I guess you turned UAC off there.

You can turn off UAC on Windows 10 too. Usually this is not recommended because make your computer unsafe.