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- Scott - 02-27-2004

I am running Start Killer 2.3 on WinXP, with TLB RC2. Everything works fine, but if I put the mouse cursor in the extreme lower left corner, the normal Start menu still opens.

I just did this accidentally, and I can reproduce it easily. Since I typically swing the cursor down and to the left as far as it can, as a habitual way to access the Start menu, it seems that Start Killer hasn't really "killed" anything on my system--it has just hidden the button itself.

- shapeshifter - 02-27-2004

I can't duplicate this, and I'm using he same versions you are.

- Scott - 02-27-2004

You need to click on the task bar itself, not on a TLB button. I'm using a one-level, 16x16 task bar. That might matter--I don't know. **

As you probably know, the TLB buttons don't cover the entire height of the task bar; there is a 3-pixel-tall area under each button where the underlying task bar remains (there is also a similar tiny area over each TLB button). So, if you move the cursor to the extreme bottom of the task bar, right under a TLB button, you can right click and get the task bar context menu (as opposed to the TLB button's context menu). I'm sure the same thing is happening with this--TLB can't cover the whole task bar, so Windows still pops up the Start menu when you go beyond the TLB button.

In any case, I am not imagining it.

** Edit: Yes, the task bar orientation does matter. When I use a double-high task bar, I can't reproduce the problem.

- shapeshifter - 02-28-2004

What skin and visual style are you using? Also, what are you button margins (TLB Settings -> Metrics) set for?

- Scott - 02-28-2004

I'm using "Windows Classic" (i.e. no skin). Margins are W7, H6, Menu6.

- shapeshifter - 02-29-2004

I can duplicate it with these settings, Yuri. It seems to be the Visual Style because different margin settings and different styles don't have this problem.

- Yuri Kobets - 02-29-2004

Yes, I've reproduced too. Thank you for bug report.

- startkilling - 12-30-2004

Is there any progress on a fix for this yet?

- startkilling - 05-01-2006

Still nothing?

It's been a long while. Sad

- MentholMoose - 02-03-2007


I also have this problem. When do you think a fix will be released?


- kipmason - 04-17-2009

Hmmm....just ran across this. Why is this a "bug". Seems more like a feature to me. Easy way to get to "Start" if you want to.

Still not working in 3.1 - sophos7 - 07-13-2009

I had been running 3.0 and just install 3.1. I still have this issue of being able to open the start menu by clicking in the far left of the screen with the classic theme.

I wouldn't consider this a feature unless I could turn it on and off. I am trying to use this program to lock down a machine for basic users.


Re: What Killer? - What exactly does it kill, again? - Philip Goddard - 05-06-2010

Please, this behaviour is NOT, in my view, a bug, nor a problem at all, and I actually WANT it! Just yesterday I discovered it, because I did want to be able still to access the Windows start menu in addition to TLB, but simply didn't want the Start button itself taking up taskbar space.

I actually came to this forum just now to report this very phenomenon, but not as a bug but as something very useful!!

Yes, I know I can get the Start menu by pressing the keyboard's Windows Start key - BUT I want to be able to choose between the start menu replacement Start Menu 7 and the basic Windows Start menu, and I can't do that with the keyboard Start key (Shift-Start actually doing nothing). As things are now, with StartKiller I can click on extreme left end of taskbar and get Start Menu 7, or, if I Shift-click on that same spot I get the basic Windows 7 start menu, as customized by myself. These each have their own advantages for particular purposes, and so I want them all available. At the moment I have the best of all worlds, and I can't see any valid reason to try to stop Start button functionality from being accessible from the taskbar. The important thing is simply that it doesn't occupy noticeable taskbar space or otherwise intrude upon the user when not wanted.

So, I seriously ask that this supposed 'bug' NOT be fixed, because it is a very positive detail of StartKiller's functionality, allowing the user free choice still. I shall make sure to keep the current version of StartKiller in case future versions prevent me from accessing the Start menu from the taskbar altogether. As various people apparently want it to be 'fixed', I suggest that the 'fix' be a user option to toggle it off or on.

Re: What Killer? - What exactly does it kill, again? - sophos7 - 05-06-2010

I think that this should be a selectable option. I was able to block access to the start menu through registry edits as well as disable the start key on the keyboard. In the end I was able to get it to work the way I wanted but it would have been better if this was an option within the program to enable or disable.

Re: What Killer? - What exactly does it kill, again? - Yuri Kobets - 05-06-2010

I'm sorry, but I don't want to change Start Killer to fix this bug. The main goal of the Start Killer is to free the space by removing the start button. Let's this bug become the feature Wink