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- manymosi - 07-05-2004

Is it possible to have two toolbars at the same time in two locations? For instance one at the bottom of my desktop and one at the top.

- Yuri Kobets - 07-05-2004

Please read this topic from F.A.Q.

- Yuri Kobets - 07-05-2004

In addition to that topic:

right-click taskbar and select Toolbars->"True Launch Bar..." menu item. TLB asks what toolbar to open. Then drag it off taskbar into any side of desktop.

BTW all these are in the TLB HELP file too.

- manymosi - 07-05-2004

Thanks! I was looking in the old help file. I have the toolbar at the top like I want it but I can't get it to skin like the lower toolbar. Is there a way to do this? I use the default blue skin.

- shapeshifter - 07-06-2004

Toolbar skins are controlled by Windows, not TLB, unfortunately. You can skin the TLB area of the toolbar with standard TLB skins and/or overlay colors/images, though.

- sugarprincess - 08-20-2004

Okay, I must be an idiot... I can't, for the life of me, get a second TLB. Well, let me expand. I can get a second TLB right next to my original (so I have two TLBs in my taskbar)...OR, I get get a new TLB that is a separate folder (say, the contents of the Desktop or My Documents)... But I can't seem to get two different TLB in two separate locations. What am I missing? When I try dragging and dropping the duplicate TLB onto the desktop, all I succeed in doing is moving the entire taskbar, not just the TLB. I'd love to have a top TLB with things like weather, time, drivespace, etc...and the bottom (taskbar) TLB with program icons.

- cmishima - 08-20-2004

Please read about undocking a True Launch Bar

How do I undock or move True Launch Bar

It is not difficult to dock a second True Launch Bar at the top of the screen.

- sugarprincess - 08-20-2004

Thanks, I'll try.

- sugarprincess - 08-20-2004

Nope, no luck. I don't know why I can't wrap my head around this to get it to work. All I can create is a DUPLICATE bar...which I can move, but it's a duplicate so if I delete something, it deletes it both places. And if I create a new TLB, it seems all I can do is pick a path to a folder...which I don't want to do. WHAT AM I MSSING?!?! I am so frustrated! :angry:

- Q Section - 08-20-2004


We had the very same problem awhile back ( ! ) and here is what to try:

1) In Explorer create a new folder in the True Launch Bar folder and call it something like sugar2 or whatever you like. It should now be at C:\Program Files\TrueLaunch Bar\sugar2.

2) Now right-click on the TLB you already have and select Toolbars>True Launch Bar. It should be about the third from the top.

3) Now click on Select Folder and browse to your sugar2 folder and click on it and then click on OK.

4) You now should have a second TLB and you can now add any plugins, shortcuts, menus or folders you wish. You should be able to drag this bar wherever you desire as well.

Please let us know how it goes. Smile

- sugarprincess - 08-21-2004

Thanks! It still took a bit of fiddling, but I finally got it. I still don't see a way to LOCK it, though...I have Always on Top and Auto Hide, but no locking?!?

- shapeshifter - 08-21-2004

The toolbar locking feature is supplied by Windows, not TLB, and Bill Gates decided that you should only be able to lock the taskbar (the one with the task switcher on it), not auxiliary toolbars.

- sugarprincess - 08-21-2004

Ahhhhhhh.... I do like it when I find out I'm not the one going crazy!!!