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Tricky question on netmon plugin - txl - 12-17-2004


I have a little request on the netmon plugin, I can display the internet speed and usage using the blue netmon skin that I find very convenient with the percentage bars.

However I connect through a router using a network cable, so my network speed is 100Megs but my "real" DSL speed behind the router is only 640/128.

I have set up a customized connection with a custom speed of 64000 bytes/second but it's only valid for the DL speed since my UL speed is only 12800 bytes/second.

Can the plugin author add some extra fields in the customize connection screen meaning UL speed and DL speed since they are not always the same...

Thanks for the help

- HorusUK - 12-17-2004

Yuri's already on to this. See this thread... :lol:

- txl - 12-17-2004

Great news !!!

One more question on this specific plugin, on the download page I can see that it's possible to get the vertical bars to indicate the % used but also the horizontal line giving a sort of "history", how can I change to the horizontal setting ?

Thanks a lot

- Yuri Kobets - 12-17-2004

This is depends of skin. Look Skins Library. There are some skins with horizontal diagram.

- txl - 12-17-2004


Well on the "blue netmon" skin I can see 2 ways of displaying the network activity as displayed on the skins page and i'd like to know how to switch between the two.


- HorusUK - 12-18-2004

If you edit the netmonskin.ini file in truelaunchbar\plugins\netmon\skins\Blue Netmon you'll see where each of the individual sections are already there, but I commented them out as you'll see from this excerpt, below:


;Uncomment this section for bar meters
type = VertRow
field = INLOAD
picture = diagram.png

;Uncomment this section for line graphs
;type = History
;field = INSPEED
;filltype = line

tile = 1
size = 33 25
pos = 1 11
beginFrom = right
valuesFrom = bottom
color = 0 173 255

If you simply UNcomment (remove the semi-colon ";") the graph you want, and make sure you comment out the graph you don't want. Save the file and then go into the settings for the Network Monitor plugin and choose the skin and click OK the changes should show up straight away.

It is extremely important that you make sure that your editing has been done properly, otherwise you'll get unexpected results!

- txl - 12-19-2004

Fantastic, just what I wanted.

Is it possible to do this with blue CPU skin in sysmon ? would be great to have all of these in the same look.


- HorusUK - 12-19-2004

It's perfectly possible. Have a look in the MemonSkin.ini and have a play with the settings in there. If you've got any questions, please ask!

- txl - 12-21-2004


Guess what , I can't make it work !!!!

here's my memonskin.ini on the bluecpu skin and of course the CPU indicator is still in "vertical mode'

What did I do wrong (again) ?


name= Blue CPU

background = bg.png
size = 35 50

field = CPU
font = Microsoft Sans Serif
bold = 0
pos = 0 36
size = 35 13
color = 0 173 255
align = center

image = diagram.png
field = CPU
type = History
size = 33 27
point = 1 9
fillType = picture
startFrom = right
tile = 1

- txl - 12-21-2004

As usual....

I got it to work by fiddling (a lot) at first the line color was wrong but now it's OK.

Is there a skin SDK or something like this for me stupid user who wants to "tweak" a bit, like which variable does what ?


- HorusUK - 12-21-2004

There isn't a skin SDK but there are these forums! We're looking at ways to incorporate the skinning of TLB and it's plugins into the forums but there's no date for implementation...