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question about xml file - tlbdata.xml - orson - 01-03-2005

hello ...

i would like to know when or how this file is parsed ?? i made litle script in vbs that create text file and adds comment to tlbdata.xml file [ i used XML DOM to create whole item node witch all attributes ] ... file after append and save is same as would it be after right click on item and select apperance\description ... but it's don't work ... when i save xml file [i even change it attribute to normal and back to hidden] and hover mouse over item desc is empty ... and after while tlbdata.xml get's back to orginal state ... no changes to description :| ... any sugestions ??
maybe i'm doing it wrong ?

- Yuri Kobets - 01-03-2005

TLB and FLB do not track the changes of tlbdata.xml If you change this file you must refresh toolbar (or menu) to apply changes.

- orson - 01-04-2005


so is there a way to force refresh from vbs ? if dll is registered in windows i can create object and maybe call refresh function ?

- Yuri Kobets - 01-06-2005

Yes this feature will be released. I'm working on tlbdata.xml files editor. This will be the external program and it must refresh items after making chages.

- orson - 05-08-2005


hi .... it's me again :roll: any progress with external refresh ?? :roll: :roll:

- Yuri Kobets - 05-08-2005

This feature is not released yet.