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Text size - Hans L - 09-09-2017


I can't find anywhere to change the size of the text for text-only titles. Is there a way?

Thanks/Hans L

RE: Text size - danmeek - 09-12-2017

Titles of items in the toolbar? Right-click in the toolbar. Go to TLB Settings, Toolbar, Fonts. Set the sizes there.

Titles of items in a menu? Right-click in the menu. Go to Customize Menu, Fonts. Set the sizes there.

RE: Text size - Hans L - 09-13-2017

Thanks, Danmeek.

However, I would like to change the size of individuals titles ("title" that is what they are called when you hit "New" in a menu). I understand that your suggestions are more like changing the size of *all* titles. Correct?

Hans L