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Lost Programs Menu - CWBillow - 07-16-2018

One of the things I do is place an icon for the AllUsers Programs menu on the True Launch bar.

But, every now and then, I (clumsily) end up dropping the Programs Icon onto so other menu.

Is there some way to lock a menu/icon into a position so that it cannot be moved?

RE: Lost Programs Menu - Yuri Kobets - 07-17-2018

Right-click toolbar/menu and select "Lock items". But this works for all buttons.
Some tips:
  • You can move locked TLB items by holding down the SHIFT keys
  • TLB Settings->Options->Locking page have additional locking options like default "Lock buttons" and "Allow locking for single folder". The last option is used to set "locked" state separate for every menu or toolbar. When this option is on, you have to right-click inside menu to lock items of this menu.

RE: Lost Programs Menu - CWBillow - 07-18-2018

OK, Thanks Yuri.