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Externally trigger a refresh of the Web Scraper - stephenmcd1 - 03-14-2019 02:39 PM

I'm using the Web Scraper plugin a ton for a lot of different use cases and I love it. I like that I can set it up to automatically refresh every X minutes but sometimes that's not enough. I have some instances of the plugin where I would like to force a refresh programmatically from an external application.

One possibility would be if I could to a PostMessage to the toolbar to somehow trigger the refresh. Or if I could assign a keyboard shortcut to Refresh a specific web scraper plugin, then I could programmatically send that keystroke.

I also noticed the release notes for the latest version say "Verbs (commands) support. You can add commands into related links to open website or reload webpage". I'm not exactly sure what that means so maybe it could be useful. Could you explain what that these command / verbs are and how to use them.

I have tried just refreshing the entire toolbar (by sending Ctrl + F5 to the toolbar) but that is a bit extreme because it causes the entire toolbar to rebuild which is visually disruptive. Ideally, I want just one plugin instance to refresh.

Thanks so much!