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Toolbar on both displays - free - 07-04-2019

I have TLB 7.5. and additional (extended) display connected to my notebook by HDMI.
I want to see the toolbar on both displays, why there is no option "on both" ?

RE: Toolbar on both displays - Yuri Kobets - 09-17-2019

You can open one more toolbar with the same toolbar folder. Right-click the empty space of your toolbar, select New Toolbar, select the "Standard Quick Launch toolbar" or your toolbar name in the list. Then select the display and other options. This will be the same toolbar.

RE: Toolbar on both displays - SeismicGuy - 10-15-2019

I wonder if the original poster meant that they wanted to have the TLB on the second display as well. With Win10 there is NO option to add a toolbar on the second (extended) display which I have been disappointed with for quite some time. I used the TLB Standalone to get TLB on the second display.