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Run all - Hans L - 09-07-2006

I have a submenu that I want to add the Run all symbol to. I did it while I was experimenting a few days ago -- now, I cannot find out how. I have gone through every help file item, every context menu item, not only once, but twice and three times. Help -how is it done?

Hans L

- jkdclick - 09-07-2006

Right click TLB, select new, seperator or title, then right click on the title or seperator and click "enable run all". Big Grin

- Hans L - 09-08-2006

Hello Jeremy, and thanks for your response.

However, I am not sure I understand. Why would I want to create something new, and why would I want to Run all for a separator? (And Yuri said there was somtehing wrong with creating Title -- it is not in my list of New).

I have a menu, and in that menu, I have a submenu, which contains three applications. These applications are the ones I want to run when I click on the submenu button. Can I not apply the Run all symbol on the submenu? If not, have I designed this incorrectly?

Hans L

- Yuri Kobets - 09-08-2006

Here is the FAQ topic