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Suggestion: Tear Off enhancement - inshadow - 10-07-2006

When I have a Tear Off enabled menu, I have been wondering why I can't close the menu just by clicking on the menu icon that I opened the menu with instead of finding the "Close Menu".

It would be a bit more simple to use. Just click the menuitem to open it and click it again to close it.


- JohnKing67 - 12-06-2006

I've noticed that too but have found a way around it by setting a hot key for the menu icon that launches the tear off menu. So then the hot key acts like a toggle open/close menu for the tear off menu, unlike just clicking the menu icon which always opens but doesn't close. Not sure if the difference between the two was an oversight or was done by design.

Tear Off OPEN by Design - Texan - 12-07-2006

Yuri indicates the menu staying open is by design................

- IceCaveman - 12-17-2006

KDE used to feature what I hoped Tear Off would become but since it's fading away from KDE I don't think many people use that functionality.

To make Tear Off usable it would need to be draggable, a small titlebar and a close button would be the most logical way to handle this.

- jkdclick - 12-17-2006

It can be draggable. Click and hold the caption area to drag.

- IceCaveman - 12-17-2006

ahaha :oops: Thank you I didn't notice because I always disable caption because I think they are ugly. Then I can start using this feature for real but still would be nice to have a close button.

- gabo - 01-10-2007

It would be useful too if the drag feature is always available. In case you dragg the tear off feature would be automatically activated.

- jkdclick - 01-10-2007

Drag is always available.

- gabo - 01-11-2007

Drag is available only if one check mark the tear off feature.

- jkdclick - 01-11-2007

I see what you mean.