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TLBclock upgrade - DarrenWright - 01-01-2007

I have almost completed a series of new skins, but I ran into a small problem. I really need for the 'date' numbers to be a different size than the time digits. Would this be difficult to add?

- Q Section - 01-01-2007

You can easily create new digits or resize the digits. These are found as the digits.png file within each skin of the tlbclock plugin.

- DarrenWright - 01-02-2007

Sorry, let me clarify. Within the same skin I need the time digits to be different than the day digits. Right now they both access the same digits.png file, but I need, say, a digits.png and a day.png, with different size graphics in each. I have looked at all the documentation that I can find, and I have even experimented to see if the documentation was incomplete, but to no avail.

Does that help?

- Q Section - 01-04-2007

Yes it is understandable now. Perhaps Yuri can give us an update.

- Yuri Kobets - 01-04-2007

Yes, I'll update tlb clock soon. Also the bug with double week name will be fixed too.

- DarrenWright - 01-04-2007

Thanks guys!

- DarrenWright - 06-01-2007

Yuri, was this feature added in version 1.7? I have 1.7 installed, but it appears to be behaving the same as before. Perhaps I am simply not doing something correctly.