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Problem with width of buttons? - Viper_21 - 05-03-2007


For most of the popular skins I download (e.g., Sustenance Slate), the width of the buttons that appear when I mouse-over an icon is very large in comparison to that of other skins (e.g., Opus OS - Blue). The width is >50 pixels. No matter which setting I play with in TLB, the width of the button stays the same (e.g., Metrics > Button Width > Width). For some reason I don't think this is a problem of the skin itself, but of TLB.

I have attached an image file to show the difference (icons are 32 x 32) of good and a bad skin (the ones I mentioned before).

Is there some setting you can think of that is causing this? Can I tweak something in the TLB tlbdata.xml file or in the skin's tlbskin.ini file to rectify it?



- Yuri Kobets - 05-03-2007

This is easy to fix. Find the skin folder open tlbskin.ini in notepad find [MenuItem] section and change the string:
ContentMargins = 0, 14, 0, 0


ContentMargins = 0, 0, 0, 0

- Viper_21 - 05-03-2007


Certainly was easy. Problem solved.

Thanks Yuri.