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- larryla - 06-06-2002

Hi Yuri

I have a card installed in my unit (colorgraphic monitor card) which allows me to use 4 monitors. I have the monitors 2 high and 2 wide (a square of 4 monitors). The program that is porvided with the card (called "mover32") makes all the monitors into one big desktop with the ability to move the mouse onto any screen from any position. I have the taskbar positioned on the left side of the desktop and it goes from the lower monitor to the upper monitor. It is a real pain to have to run the mouse all the way to the upper left hand corner of the screen array to access the "Start" menu. Downloaded and installed "Start Killer" and "Press Start" in thinking that maybe the "Start" menu would appear down at the tray area where the "Start Killer" icon and the clock are located but that was not the case. Is it possible to move the "Start" menu to the tray area? Maybe by editing the registry or is it possible to write this feature into your program?

Thanks..... Larry

- Yuri Kobets - 06-08-2002

Click on StartKiller icon to open Start Menu? I think it can be useful Smile I'll make this feature in the next version of StartKiller.

- cmishima - 06-08-2002

Is this discussion about adding abilty to open menu with start killer the same as my thread;t=281

Maybe it was not norticed because it was in BUGS.

Chisato Mishima