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Start button reappearing after pressing the WIN-key - Orange - 04-14-2009

As topic says, when I press the WIN-key, the start button reappears and I have to close start killer and start it again for it to disappear again, sollution?
Doesn't happen all the time, sometimes the button stays hidden when the start menu is open.

- Yuri Kobets - 04-19-2009

What Windows version you are using?

- Orange - 04-19-2009

XP Sp3

problems in Win7-64Bit - P.Nitty - 02-01-2010

Same problem popped up for me today. Installed Start Killer when i first bought my current laptop last summer (running WinVista Business 64-bit), never had any problems. upgraded to Win7 Professional 64-bit in November, continued to use Start Killer with no problems.

For some reason, it started acting weird today, same problem, when i hit the win button on my keyboard, the start button reappears in my task bar. have to kill the process and re-run Start Killer.EXE. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. tried to reinstall a couple times, both 32-and-64-bit versions, not having any luck. i've given up for now and uninstalled but would really like to find a way to make it work.

only big change i can think of on my system is that, last night, i upgraded Firefox from 3.5.something to 3.6.