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Inconsistent Toolbar Width Across Page - danmeek - 07-03-2009

I have several toolbars docked on each side of my screen. The maximum width of all of the toolbars together is unpredictable. Sometimes it is 3/4 of the width of the entire screen. Sometimes it is 1/2 of that width. This causes the toolbars to truncate and makes them hard to see.

What determines the overall width of all toolbars docked together on the side of a screen? How can I change that?

- Yuri Kobets - 07-03-2009

Please can you post some screenshots of the problem?

- danmeek - 07-07-2009

The very wide bars are what loads in Windows 2000 upon booting. They are so wide that they intrude over into my secondary screen.

But if I try to reduce the width of the bars, they snap into a very narrow version, which then refuses to be expanded horizontally.

So I have a choice between far too wide and far too narrow.

I would have attached screenshofts in a graphic format but the gifs and jpgs were too big to be accepted by your system. I would have attached them as PDF files, but your system refuses to accept PDF files. I suggest that you change your system so that you can receive larger graphic files and PDF files.

- danmeek - 07-09-2009

While you have answered my other question about width, you have not answered this question about why the widths dramatically change, despite the fact that I have not changed anything.