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Windows 7 Desktop Search - won't open email - bflo2000 - 02-02-2010

I have installed true launch on 2 systems and after I install I am unable to open emails in the search pane when searching from the start menu. Any suggestions?

- Yuri Kobets - 02-03-2010

Do you get any error message?

- bflo2000 - 02-04-2010

No error messages. This is on a work computer so there must be some sort of app conflict that is creating the error. The first time I installed I did not correlate the search issue to TLB, but after they reimaged my system to fix the problem I reinstalled TLB and the search behavior started again. After I uninstalled it i was able to open items in the search pane. This is a unrestricted system so it isn't a group policy issue.

TLB runs on my home system with Win 7 (x64) fine.

- bflo2000 - 02-04-2010

I tried the latest beta, and after installing a dllhost.exe file is generated. The file remains after uninstalling.

This seems to be the problem as after I kill the process email will open.

- bflo2000 - 02-08-2010

Any suggestions? This is very frustrating.... I don't want to have to reimage my system again to fix the problem.

- Yuri Kobets - 02-08-2010

What email client you are using? I'll try to reproduce the problem on my side.

Re: Windows 7 Desktop Search - won't open email - bflo2000 - 02-09-2010

Outlook 2007

Re: Windows 7 Desktop Search - won't open email - Yuri Kobets - 02-15-2010

I've tested the the Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and can't to reproduce the bug. But the Windows 7 was absolutely clear (just installed).

Installing TLB don't change the system too much. It just write some registry values. The dllhost.exe (you mention it) is the system process. TLB don't use directly the functions that can cause loading of dllhost.exe.

Can you give me some more information:
1) Do you just install TLB or open it also?
2) What plugins were installed?

Re: Windows 7 Desktop Search - won't open email - bflo2000 - 02-15-2010

TLB was the first program I installed on a fresh install of windows 7. As far as I can tell it is a com surrogate issue as I have to kill the dllhost to get the error to go away but it always comes back.

The other thing that errored out today was "preview handler surrogate". Once this crashed I was unable to get new email. It may be a issue with my antivirus and whatever system setting TLB changes.