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Backup restore question - DrTeeth - 04-11-2010


I have recently upgraded my system and have installed Win 7 64 bit to run alongside my current 32 bit setup.

If I were to restore a backup of TLB from my previous system, and restore it to a fresh install what would happen? I would expect that it would install but look strange due to the actual applications not being installed. I could then use TLB to remind me what to install as my most used apps are there.

Will this happen as above or will I get error messages and TLB won't load?



PS Could you please respond to 'TB 4.4.4 - customize menus' on the general section. Many thanks.

Re: Backup restore question - Yuri Kobets - 04-11-2010

You can restore TLB 32 bit setup. There are no problems with the restore process. But most of the shortcuts will invalid. Most shortcuts stay invalid even after you install the software. This is because on x64 system there are different Program Files and Program Files (x86). Any way in most cases Windows can resolve the shortcuts.

Re: Backup restore question - DrTeeth - 04-12-2010

Excellent! That's what I wanted to hear! It will guide me as what I need to install as my most used programs are in TLB - naturally Big Grin.



PS Thanks again for the centre-align feature in the next release.