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Metrics - RodgerOver - 07-21-2013

is there an explanation or FAQ what the "Metrics" options exactly do. I suppose that some of the effects are so small that they are difficult to see. In any case, I often do not see changes when changing the numbers Huh.
Thanks in advance

RE: Metrics - Yuri Kobets - 07-21-2013

Max menu width: Menu can't be wider then this value
Max menu height: Menu height can't be more then this value

Button margins
Width: the number of pixels added to the button width. If you increase this value the buttons become wider.
Height: the same as width but pixels added to the height.
Menu item height: same as height, but working in menus only.

Max width of buttons with text
Working with view modes Icons with Text, for small and large buttons.

Left/Right margin of icon view menu. Margins (empty space) from the left/right edge of the menu. Working in menus with Icons only or Icons with Text view modes.