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Auto Refresh for weather??? - Yommo - 01-11-2015

I'm new to this sofware. I'just realized that the temp i've been looking at all day (10 degrees) was last updated at 5:30am. I see that it can be manually refreshed but can that be done automatically. The reason why I want a weather icon is so I don't have to do anything to know the weather Smile

Thanks in advance

PS Is there a manual for this software?

RE: Auto Refresh for weather??? - Yuri Kobets - 01-13-2015

Weather Forecast must to update forecast automatically, at least once per 30 minutes for the current weather. But the strings "updated at..." in the popup tip shows the update time reported by yahoo weather service, not a time when plugin fetched the data.

Small tip: Weather Forecast plugin saves the forecast data into XML file in the folder:
%appdata%\Tordex\True Launch Bar\Weather Forecast
You can check the "Date Modified" attribute for this file to find the actual time when the data was fetched from yahoo weather service.

Quote:PS Is there a manual for this software?
Only the help file included with True Launch Bar. But it is outdated a bit and does not contain the manual for plugins. So if you have any question just write post here Wink

Also check the TLB YouTube channel . I try to make the videos to show how to use the new features.

RE: Auto Refresh for weather??? - Yommo - 01-13-2015

Thanks for the info. The videos are great. This software does so much more than I expected. Well worth the price (especially since it only cost me $5 for buying business cards from vistaprint)!