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Portable Edition, location of folders/menus - aoz - 07-14-2015

have paid regular version

just downloaded portable version.
I started it
it seems to be finding my menu's from the INSTALLED version.

WHERE does the PORTABLE version keep its references to files, folders, etc???? Is it in a truly portable directory, or is it using the user directory for storage??
any help appreciated

ALSO, HOW to REMOVE a folder/menu from the portable version? I see no references to my folder anywhere, but it shows up when I start the portable version. I have no idea how it got in there or how to change it

I read about namespace.fld, and there is only one instance on my computer, even though have portable and installed running at same time???

RE: Portable Edition, location of folders/menus - Yuri Kobets - 07-14-2015

By default the portable version uses the folder "toolbars\Default Toolbar" as the default toolbar folder. Please check is the file named "portable" exists in the portable installation. TLB works as portable if this file is found in the same folder as tlbhost.exe