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True Launch Bar v7.1.3 beta - Yuri Kobets - 08-12-2015

True Launch Bar v7.1.3 beta is released

This version fixes some problems with default menu/toolbar skin in Windows 10.

More information about beta version
Download Installation
Download 32-bit Portable version
Download 64-bit Portable version

PS. I plan to release the final (7.2) version if 7.1.3 beta will be OK.

RE: True Launch Bar v7.1.3 beta - Harko - 08-14-2015

I have switch in the Tollbar Properties under skin to taskbar und no skin
so i have a TLB background in Task bar style.
In Win 10 Settings i have under Personalization
automatically select an accent color from my background

When I change the Background picture the colour from TLB und Taskbar change too. This works fine.

But the tone from TLB and Task bar are different (10% Toolbar Transparency)

with a Sopcolour as Background and Accent Colour from Background
Win 10 takes a gray as Accent Colour (10% Toolbar Transparency)

Disable Accent Colour from Background and a color from the palette

and in the TLB Settings under Toolbar Appearance i have disable transparency but the TLB Background is not opaque


Sorry for my bad english

RE: True Launch Bar v7.1.3 beta - Yuri Kobets - 08-15-2015

Please can you repost the screenshots?

Icon location for windows apps - mls - 08-28-2015

Appearance/Button properties has invalid Icon Locations for windows 10 apps. E.g. MS Edge shows


Which does not exist, it should be: C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Assets\MicrosoftEdgeSquare44x44.scale-100.png

It seems "scale" is missing and the last "/" should be " \".

I checked OneNote and Calculator too, same.

RE: Icon location for windows apps - mls - 08-28-2015

Actually this is a problem on my system. If I create a shortcut by dragging a modern app to the desktop I get a blank icon. TLB shows the correct icon but the iconLocation is wrong = presumably it's a windows problem.