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Mail Monitor: middle-click for mail check (update) - Wisewiz - 10-14-2015

Would you consider putting in the option of a middle-click (wheel-click) for Check Mail Now? You gave us the middle-click for the Clipboard Manager, and I've found it a great feature, as no doubt have many other users. In Mail Monitor (as was the case with ClipMan), the relevant right-click control is way up at the top of a loooong menu, and a swift middle-click would be a treat.

(I see the Middle-click Command blank in Button Properties, but I have no idea what command I would enter there to make the middle click check the mail. There are no " " to the left of the blank, as suggested in the Help.)

(PS: If this is a nuisance, fuggeddabaudit! I have set a hotkey to check my mail. Thanks for that option.)

Thanks again, as always.