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English to English editing problems - Wisewiz - 10-20-2015


I'm missing something about the use of the translation tool to change English text to different English text. I used it to open the mailmon project files (All Dialogs) and did some minor editing to test it. I saved the translation file (mailmon.xml) to my own TLB folder (in langs\1033) and to the C:\Program Files\TrueLaunchBar\langs\1033 folder, and when I open mailmon.xml, I see all of the original texts and the translations, but the TLB doesn't seem to be reading the translation file. Nothing in English that I altered has been changed in the Mail List window dialogs.

Example lines from my mailmon.xml:
<string loc="Retrieving" text="<not loaded>" id="XUI_STR_NOTLOADED"/>
<string loc="(...)" text="(empty)" id="XUI_STR_EMPTY"/>

Can you tell me what I'm missing? Do I have to reinstall TLB? I didn't have a langs folder in my custom TLB folder or in C:\Program Files\TrueLaunchBar, so I created both langs folders. I may have deleted langs long ago if it was there (I can't remember). Could that be part of the problem I'm having?

(This came up because I was trying to change "There are no new messages" in the mailmon tooltip to something else. You suggested that I use the translation tool, but then you remembered that "There are no new messages" is hard coded, and you offered to change that in the next version of mailmon.)

Thanks for reading this.