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[Resolved] Weather Monitor now dead. - spalek93 - 10-22-2015

Either because Google now supplies Yahoo with weather into instead of Bing, or because they changed the api, or whatever but Weather Monitor no longer works.

I tried re-entering the # associated to the city and it did not work (even though it seems to have attributed new numbers to each city designation).

No matter how many times I hit refresh or reboot the computer it still says N/A, weather does not report.

Please fix, thanks.

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - Yuri Kobets - 10-24-2015

Weather Forecast plugin is working. Sometimes Yahoo stop forecast for some cities but they restore it during some days.
Please can you give me the location ID from the plugin properties. I'll try it here.

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - spalek93 - 10-26-2015

Search function does not work at all. I have to manually go to yahoo's website and copy the number.
Number fails to work in Weather Forcast plugin.

Two cities have not been working for over a week now.
2473909 - Pleasant Hill, CA
2362930 - Berkeley, CA
It says NA in the plugin field. I have tried this on two separate computers and it doesn't work on either of them. A fix would be greatly appreciated as one of my parents used this feature for several years now and is used to it.

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - Yuri Kobets - 10-26-2015

I've tried these location IDs, all working well (see attachments).

Weather Forecast plugin download xml file with weather data to the folder %appdata%\Tordex\True Launch Bar\Weather Forecast
Open this folder and sort files by "Date modified". If you have two WF plugins, the two files must have "Date modified" at the last update. Usually the files contains error message if there are something wrong returned from yahoo. Please can you attach these files here?

In case when you select "Reload weather" from right-click menu for WF plugin but the date modified for xml files is not changed, check the firewall settings if you have it. Maybe WF is just blocked to access to internet.

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - spalek93 - 10-27-2015

Seems it is just not connecting at all. Never had this issue with ESET Smart Security, I guess when I switched to Bitdefender this started roughly.

What exactly do I add to the whitelist of the firewall? The yahoo weather website or something? I thought TLB was seen as part of explorer.exe and so it didn't get messed with by firewall/antivirus?

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - Yuri Kobets - 10-27-2015

If your TLB is on the taskbar then you have to add explorer.exe, if you are using the standalone TLB you have to add tlbHot.exe from TLB installation folder.

Also note, some firewalls have special setting to enable Windows Explorer connect to Internet and just adding explorer.exe to whitelist can be not enough.

RE: Weather Monitor now dead. - spalek93 - 10-27-2015

Awesome, thanks for your help.

Adding explorer.exe did nothing but this did

We recommend these steps:

- open Bitdefender and click Protection -> Firewall
- check the box 'Show General Rules' (at the bottom of Rules tab)
- set to 'Allow' Windows Explorer traffic on FTP and HTTP

Thanks again!

Edit, seems I have to do both