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- cmishima - 12-01-2002

My best wishes for Mail monitor 1.7

1. Allow the mouse drag and drop repositioning of the action buttons

[Image: mmon1.jpg]

2. Please allow for sorting of conditions

[Image: filter1.jpg]

3. NEW action button item to ‘load this selected message into Mail reader’

4. NEW action button item to ‘Forward this message to…’

Thank you

- Yuri Kobets - 12-01-2002

Quote:Please allow for sorting of conditions
In the next version I'll sort all conditions by default.

All others request I've added into my TODO list Wink

- Halvardk - 12-03-2002

An additional wish:
Different "Subject-color" for the various categories:
(Normal - Approval - Spam - Dangerous).


- cmishima - 12-08-2002

I would like to add two more requests for Mail Monitor

1. CLONE an email account. This makes it very easy to add several different accounts that have similar settings.

2. Currently there is no way to make the account ACTIVE but to DISABLE automatic checking. I suggest that a time of ZERO (0) would disable automatic checking.

Thank you.

- shapeshifter - 12-09-2002

Could you please also add the option of playing a sound when mail monitor detects incoming mail?

- Yuri Kobets - 12-09-2002

shapeshifter Wrote:Could you please also add the option of playing a sound when mail monitor detects incoming mail?
This feature have been released from the first version :0
Now using filters you can set sound depends of message Wink

- shapeshifter - 12-09-2002

Actually, I just wanted a sound whenever I got any mail, not just mail that fit a filter. My mail monitor is hiding in a menu, so I don't see the icon animating. I think I've got something that gives me the same effect though. I created a new rule, turned the sound notify on for it, but left all the filtering conditions blank. We'll see how that works.

- Yuri Kobets - 12-09-2002

Quote:Actually, I just wanted a sound whenever I got any mail
Open your account properties and select the sound you want Wink

- shapeshifter - 12-09-2002

haha oh geeze...

Ok, so I'm blind or something. Big Grin Now that I think about it, it makes more sense to have the option there than where I was looking for it originally. :0

So can we delete everything from my first post in this topic on? Wink

- Bob Freeman - 12-10-2002

I would like to repeat my request about Mail Monitor.

It would be very helpful if you could select and drag a incoming mail header from Mail Monitor to a button on the True Launch Bar and have the <from> email address added to the related section in the same way you can drag a url to a button.

This would be a very useful feature.

Many thanks for a great plugin which helps my work a lot.

- cmishima - 12-15-2002

Now that the end of the year has come email has increased so of course SPAM has increased. However some times FILTERS need to be suspened.

For example currently I have filter that deletes mail with 'a very' in title. Now Christmas comes many people send 'A very merry christmas' greeting. Small problem.

So I would like to suggest extra ability in FILTERING RULES window as below. If posible please make it that SUSPENDED filers show up in RED. Thank you.

[Image: rules1.jpg]

- Guest - 12-18-2002

I wonder how Mail Monitor can be used with Hotmail accounts.

Is this yet a possibility?

I use the Mail Monitor spam filter very much and I wish to use it with Hotmail.

Can you tell me how to use Mail Monitor with Hotmail. Thank you.

- shapeshifter - 12-18-2002

As it has been stated in other topics, Mail Monitor does not yet have the ability to check HTML-based email accounts like Hotmail, but this functionality is planned for a future release.

- cmishima - 12-19-2002

I think many users would like to check Web based email. True Launch Bar Mail Monitor is very powerful and I am sure Mr. Kobets is working hard to improve it soon.

In the meantime If you want to use web based email such as YAHOO, HOTMAIL or EXCITE etc then you need a localhost program that can do this.

A general purpose program that handles many different systems is WEB2pop. I tested this program with True Launch Bar Mail Monitor and it works very well. This is *not* FREEWARE so you must pay some fee for it.

If you want to only check Yahoo mail then Yahoopops will work very well and it is FREEWARE.

- shapeshifter - 12-19-2002

Excelent find cmishima! Thanks for sharing it with us!