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- shapeshifter - 01-08-2003

Is there a skin specification somewhere for the weather monitor? I'm trying to make a skin for it, but for some reason it seems like it's making the background image much too large, so that it overlaps the next plugin, and the text is much too compressed. The text height looks about right, but there's no space between digits, and it looks like the digits might be overlapping each other by a pixel or two. I'm using pngs with transparent backgrounds for all the images. None of them need to be resized at all (they're all the size I want them already). All the digits are the same width. I'm out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

- shapeshifter - 01-10-2003

Nevermind, I've worked it out. I think I should change this help request to a bug report, though. When using PNG or BMP images in a weather monitor skin, the images are resized and end up about 40% larger than the originals. When I converted all the images to GIF, everything stays the original (intended) size, and works great.

- Guest - 01-10-2003

I have a request regarding Weather Monitor. Please allow this plugin and all others for True Launch Bar to use standard fonts for letters and number.

I'm sorry, but those based pixel based alpha numeric characters people have been using look just terrible!

All the best,