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- Denis - 01-11-2003

For Mail Monitor users:
If you change the settings for your mail reader,
"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" (or whatever it is for you) to "mailto:" (without the quotes),
the button "Open mail reader" will open a "New message" window instead of your whole mail program. Big Grin

Only useful if you think it is. I do. Wink

- cmishima - 01-11-2003

That is very clever. Well done. I wonder what made you think of that.

Of course if you put into thare it will launch URL. Smile


- Denis - 01-13-2003

Thanks cmishima Smile

What made me think of that is the need for it.
I only use my desktop pc to download messages, and when I use my laptop I'd rather have a quick way to reply to some of them than to open Outlook Express. Wink
Yuri said a "Reply" button will be added to Mail Monitor in a future version, but in the meantime I'll use my little trick. Big Grin

On another subject, I made a different version of your avatar:
yours is 194kb, so takes about a minute to download on a modem connection (like mine), and is being "squashed" to fit a square.
So I made it smaller, square, and optimized it (3.35kb).
You obviously don't have to use it, but here it is:

[Image: cmishima.jpg]

- cmishima - 01-13-2003

Thank you for creating my better avatar. I have changed it now. I expect it will load faster. Smile

- Denis - 01-13-2003

You're welcome. Wink
Glad you like it. Smile