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- DarkLaser - 03-19-2003

The system monitor is a great idea, but to me the usefulness of it is somewhat lacking.

Something to the effect of what this attached image depicts is extreemly useful. Show me how much ram I have, how much I have left, and what my last 5 seconds has been like (hard numbers help a lot). This is also the case with the CPU, percentage of curent usage, and a 5 second history. Sometimes I realize somethings happening, but I want to look at my system resources and see how long its been happening.

Basicaly if we could give System Monitor the ammount of configurability options of say, Net Monitor or Drive Space, people could arrange the information however they would like, making it more useful for everyone.


- quietbritishjim - 11-01-2003

*bump* Wink

I would love this, if only it was implemented I could get rid of my system monitoring bar once and for all! I have heaps of memory so only really the CPU usage is important, but important it is!

The plugin as it stands is a great example to release in the SDK, but it's not really usable. Maybe you could branch the example sysmon plugin that you leave open source with a fuller featured one for people who'd like to use it seriously?

- Zero-Point - 11-03-2003

I would very much like to see system monitor plug-in updated to reflect the other plug-ins configuration and skinnablility. When I first found TLB, I thought the system monitor would be great to use, but didn't really like the layout of it so I haven't loaded it since :/.

Some people may also like to see a page/swap file option in DarkLaser's suggestion too.