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- corny - 03-21-2003

When using the quick reply function, messages don't seem to get delivered. A delivery error report is generated by the mailserver. In the header, the "to" address seems to be wrong.

The to-domain is cut off when it contains a dash.

An excerpt from the error message:

[<01>] Error sending message [1048239100751.236903451.server.x.y] from [x.y].

ID: <S2638F>
Mail From: <>
Rcpt To: <cornelis.van.bemmel@tpa>

[<02>] The reason of the delivery failure was:

417 Temporary delivery error

- Yuri Kobets - 03-21-2003

Thank you for bug report. This bug will be fixed in the next version. Right now I can suggest add one space before email.

One note: bug can be reproduced only if you write pure email in the TO field. Pure - without name and other extra symbols like '<' and '>'

- corny - 03-22-2003


Thanks for your reply.
About reproducing the bug: it also occurs when using <>. But I'll remember the space workaround!