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- Yuri Kobets - 09-26-2003

Mail Monitor v.1.9.2 beta has been released.

Bug fixed:
* Explorer crashes.
* Filter "Message Body contains regular expression" works incorrectly.


- peni - 09-28-2003

Thx. Now works fine Smile

- Denis - 09-28-2003

Great news, Yuri, thanks. Smile

I'm downloading it as I type this reply. Wink

If I could make a suggestion:
Could you create an "Annoucement" thread on these forums?
You would use it to make all the annoucements about TLB and plugins releases.
We could then subscribe to this thread and be informed by email of any news. Big Grin
It would have to be a "closed" thread, so it would only contains your posts, and the news could be discussed in their respective forums.

- Denis - 09-28-2003

So far so good. Smile

Thanks for adding some of the features I had requested. Big Grin