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- uberzev - 09-28-2003

I hope this would be a PER-FOLDER option like view mode, icons size, etc.

Thanks for the great product! Big Grin

- IceCaveman - 09-28-2003

I see you are waiting for the same thing as I transperant menus with SOLID icons, not transperant. I want semi-transparant menus but not have the icons transparant.

- uberzev - 09-28-2003


- mark76uk - 09-29-2003

That would be sexy. Just icons as you show, not so much for text menus.


- uberzev - 10-11-2003

So what do you think Yuri?

- IceCaveman - 10-12-2003

ofcourse make sure the text does get the same transparancy as the icons, not the background.

- mark76uk - 02-16-2004

It's beautiful Smile

- rij73 - 02-16-2004

So, is this a difficult feature to implement, Yuri?

- Yuri Kobets - 02-16-2004

Yes and I shedule this feature for future. I want to make stable release (3.0) and then will add more fearures in betas Wink

- V-Man - 03-29-2004

Just want to add my vote for this feature. I would then place a TLB on the left-edge of my desktop, make it completely transparent, and it would let me keep My Computer and Recycle Bin in familiar places without becoming obscured when I maximize windows and without spoiling my wallpaper.

- uberzev - 02-06-2005

This feature coming soon?

- Yuri Kobets - 02-07-2005

I hope soon.