(Request) Option to use "Default" for Hot Keys in Take Screenshot??
Started by gate1975mlm

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11-26-2014, 06:36 PM -
Hi Yuri,

Can you please add a option to use "Default" for Hot Keys in the Take Screenshot Plugin?

See I need this because I am trying to take screenshots from a program called XBMC with my remote. Now I can make a hotkey in Take Screenshot plugin for my remote however all screenshots are black because I run XBMC in "True Full Screen which the Take Screenshot can't seem to take screenshot from . But when I click the PrStc key on my keyboard I am able to take screenshot from XBMC with out any issues. So if you could have an option to also use the "Default" for hotkeys like you can with "On Print Screen Capture" and "Alt+ Print Screen Capture" that would allow me to take screenshots from with in XBMC.

I really need this so I hope you would be able to add it in the near future Smile

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