A Slight Variant on the Folder menu choice
Started by Gary Mugford

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Gary Mugford
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03-17-2020, 02:45 AM -
(06-18-2019, 03:32 AM)Gary Mugford Wrote: I have a happy reliance on my file manager, but I've come up against a hard limit in the program's ability to have drop target icons in it's toolbar. What I THOUGHT I might be able to do would be to create a tear-off Toolbar with a folder of icons connected to other folders. Basically ...


So, I right-drag a file or files to the FoldersOfFolders icon and it drops down a sub-menu of the other targets like the phony ones above. I can then drop the file(s) on that icon and choose move or copy. I can LEFT drag the files to the FolderOfFolders icon, but it merely moves the file if on the same drive, or copies if not. RIGHT DRAGGING, merely gets me a menu with Add to Related, Open WIth or Cancel.

I want my normal file context menu. The one with copy and move on it. I COULD have a whole bunch of icons LIKE the various stuff's on it, but that would then mean a BIG TLB Toolbar and I want it to hide behind a single icon in a little torn off toolbar, all by itself at the top of monitor one. I ASSUME this would be easier with Windows 10, but I am STILL USING WINDOWS 7. Yes, more difficult by an order of magnitude, I assume.

Anybody got any ideas here?? I've got a hundred drop targets now, which fills the ability of my old, out-of-date xplorer2. Being able to add another 20 would come in handy as I jump between the various drives I'm connected to. I know this is a narrow niche ask, but it SEEMS to me, you're the magician to make this work. Might already be a way. The whole trick is a file-context capable right drag to a folder target, instead of the SHORTCUT, which your current folder menu is.

Thanks. The product continues to be critical to my day to day operations. GM

Bumping this to see if there's any possibility Yuri. Thanks.

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