Some suggestions and requests
Started by bob3150

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03-09-2006, 05:53 AM -
The most important feature I would like to see is the possibility to use HotKeys for plug ins like ProzessViewer, News Reader, AdressBook, Weather Forecast, ..

Also really important for me is the possibility to use a linefeed (for example with Strg+Enter) and Tab (Strg+Tab) in ToDo-List. At the moment it is only possible to include Linefeed and Tab with Copy&Paste and then strange signs are shown. -> better in this case would be only to show up the first line in the menu - The ToolTip displays the info the way I want it but should also show up after some time when navigating with keyboard.

It would be nice if NewsReader can show a line like "Add new channel" for marking everything as read. It is also not possible in Newsreader to change the sorting order -> to show up the newest on top and not at bottom.

Is it somehow possible to use the keyboard with the calculator plugin -> if not this makes the plugin unfortunately useless.

The addressbook plugin needs a lot of work in my opinion:
1. Import seems to ignore a lot of fields
2. Import and also export of csv-Files is essential
3. Use of more fields -> more flexible -> unlimited phone numbers, e-mail-addresses and a 3rd possibility for an address; Birthday- and Anniversary-Dates, Photo
4. Click on E-Mail- or Web address should open Web apps

A configurable application for clicking on TLB Clock.

Hopefully my explanations are clearly and Yuri will implement them soon Smile

Except the long list above TLB is the most use full tool I had ever used Big Grin

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