(Clipboard Manager Request) Option to automatically clear individually items?
Started by gate1975mlm

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05-22-2013, 11:59 AM -
(05-22-2013, 11:39 AM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: This looks like extended "Lock clip": "Lock clip for X days". Am I right?

Well I was thinking really more about any item added to the clipboard.

I'll try and give you a good example.

My father copies lots and lots of things over the course of a year or so and after a while the clipboard can fill up a lot. And my father is not exactly the best at using a computer and so he forgets or more realistically does not even know how to clear the clipboard.

So it would be great if the clipboard manager could be set to automatically clear individually items after a certain amount of time lets say 30 days. So now say "Tordex" was in the clipboard manager for 30 days and "True Launch Bar" was only in the clipboard manager for 5 days. "Tordex" would be automatically removed while "True Launch Bar" would remain since it would not have been 30 days yet.

Does that make sense? Smile

Also "Lock Clip" should remain like it is now for items you never ever want to have deleted.

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