TLB suggestions/bugs
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02-16-2005, 01:25 PM -
UPDATE on the removable drives bug.

even thought the bug with removable drives not dissapearing when ejected has been fixed i noticed something else.

Everything worked fine but after a while (today) i noticed that drive labels for removable drives are not updating anymore. Since i have an external DVD and HD and only 1 USB free i have to switch them from time to time and the label sticks if i unmount one and plug the other unless i right click and choose refresh. It also ussualy stick to the name of the drive that was mounted first.

Another thing is, when i first installed update Yuri posted i set the folders i have on my external drive not to expand so i had this structure:

......Folder 1
......Folder 2
......Folder 3

However, now i tried to set the drive itself not to expand so i would have just a Drive shortcut but it doesn`t remember it when i unmount the drive so it still returns to the "old" settings as follows:

......Folder 1
......Folder 2
......Folder 3

It also doesn`t remember the settings for my external DVD so it always sets it so all folders are expandable. The weird thing is that all these bugs weren`t displaying when i installed the update and they started displaying today. Also i didn`t install anything since i updated TLB so i doubt that could be a problem.

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