Windows Explorer, and computer, crash.
Started by mzamudio

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02-12-2011, 10:04 AM -
After reviewing the Giveaway version of TLB, and almost fully reading (not used to) its help file, I thought it was the most practical Launching aid I had encountered in many years. And I was really determined to buy the full-fledged version, until, after having chosen to download menus files, Windows Explorer, and my computer, crashed down. Not even in Windows Safe Mode or any other way, was I able to restart the system, until I decided to go to the repair menu through the F8 function key at system start and use a restore point previous to TLB install. Notify me when a solution is found.
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03-20-2011, 01:09 PM -
For any useful assistance it will be most helpful to post your Operating System (32 or 64 as well), FLB version and particular settings for Free Launch Bar.
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08-19-2012, 10:18 AM -
(03-20-2011, 01:09 PM)Q Section Wrote: For any useful assistance it will be most helpful to post your Operating System (32 or 64 as well), FLB version and particular settings for Free Launch Bar.

Well, I had a hard time myself recovering from endless explorer-crashes, and had to do a recovery.
Desktop and taskbar are completely garbaged.
remnants of buttons, which cannot be clicked, icons arbitrarily exchanged, black unresponsive areas.
The main 'feature' of this mode being that the power-switch is the most reliable one.

Restored to a point prior to taskbar-installation via F8-repair.

Using win7/64bit home premium, i3, 2350, 8GB RAM, with the usual updates.

One other computer I installed FLB on, is win7 enterprise/32bit/4GB, i8400 - a standard Dell desktop, with no problems up to now.

FLB has some nifty features which I would love to use, to be sure, but spending a couple of hours to find out what went wrong, is definitely not worth the trouble.

What caused the trouble within FLB, I don't know.
I just can say that I was getting bold and tried to use some of its more advanced features, after a couple of days of decent operation in its basic mode.
But then, all of a sudden, it explodes right at your desktop.
Don't ask me what I did exactly.
One thing: 'place menu on the right' was oone of the last things I did, or something like that. Can't remember the exact wording.

A pity that this sort of problem seems now a couple of years old, and obviously unresolved.

What I can say is that win7 in its mild troubleshooting mode is unable to identify the problem.
Somehow FLB meddles with the Explorer, which seems logical, because FLB/TLB intercept the intermediate levels of the Explorer process-hierarchy.
Something is not understood here, it seems.

all the best

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11-01-2022, 01:45 PM -
Ok, get sick of having to hit F10 to have the menu, not that it is a problem, just dont know why it is hidden

To get around it do this
F10 to bring up the menu, then
tools>folder options>view
make sure "always show menus" is checked, then apply

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