Multiple toolbars - Make an easy way to switch
Started by Bob Freeman

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Bob Freeman

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08-29-2001, 10:00 AM -
I think True launch is one of the best pieces of software on my system. Great job Mr. Kobets.

My suggestion is this

Can we have a quick way to switch between different user defined toolbars?

Now that true launch can change the folder location it is easy to have different button collections in different folders but it's not easy to switch between button collections. Also there is a bug in 1.6 that resets all the defaults after switching toolbars.

I think a pop up menu with buttons for each toolbar would be very handy. You click the toolbar you want and Truelaunch automatically makes that bar the default.

I made a Microsoft office specific toolbar that I use. I know could simply keep a virtual folder for it on my main true launch but I like to have the office buttons as the main bar. Helps me concentrate.

Looking forward to the new version. Thanks again

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08-29-2001, 01:19 PM -
Some time ago somebody suggest to make Categories. I think you suggest the same, but with sollution Smile
I give you opportunity to define sets of toolbars. And you will can change toolbar content by one click.
Yes, this is good idea!
About bug with switching folders I know and will fix in the next version.
Yuri Kobets
TrueSoft - Software for You

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