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Full Version: Please test our new site
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We opened new site:
or may be already accesible
This site is in testing yet. What you can say about speed, availability?
There are new design also.
Waiting for your opinions...
Hi Yuri,


Seems to load a bit quicker than the existing site.


Is still "The page cannot be displayed" for me.

>There are new design also.

Like the new blues. Like the Truesoft computer & monitor graphic.

Some of the links (support/feedback) are 404.

Overall I like the speed increase in loading & I like the new color/logo scheme.

Keep up the great work!

Also like the animated graphic showing the volume plugin.


No Forum Link though!
Here is my feedback:

The new site is very quick for me. Excellent.

At this time I can only access the site via it's IP number not the www name yet.

This support link gives an error

There are some small spelling mistakes as below.

Page updeted on Tuesday 6 November, 2001 11:58 AM

There are some small grammr corrections as below

We represent some software on this site
We present some software on this site.

Please do not be angry with me. This feedback is not to be unkind but just my information to help True Launch Bar and Truesoft be the best software and support site. So I am writing here at your request.

Chisato Mishima

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