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Full Version: Translations of beta version
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Dear friends,
I did make translation of TLB to Ukrainian using LCMAN but cannot install it. Probably because strings were from 2.2.14 but beta I use now is 2.2.15?
Try to install any language from IntPack and the remake resource dll using LCMAN. Or send translation to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Can you please post a tlb.rc compatible with latest beta (.16 RC 3) or complete lcman-strings for this beta?

Or at least explain how to use lcman-strings from beta 14 with beta 16?

TLB beta 16 does not see tlb_res.dll created using lcman-strings from beta 14, even if HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\True Software\TrueLaunchBar\Langs
present in registry and filled correcly.
Updated localisation strings will be published soon.
y aura t'il une traduction francais comme a la version 2.2 ????
Wow, that's a huge signature image... could be reduced a little if you want my opinion...

Also it would help if you would post your question in english... on an english forum Wink
je ne parle pas anglais donc je m'exprime dans ce que je connais desolé ???
La version française sera bientôt produite. Excusez pour le retard.
y a pas a etre desolé Big Grin mais c'est sympas de penser a nous petits frenchies donc comme sa je peux sans autre l'annoncer sur mon forum merci de cette reponse Big Grin
y a t il une version compatible avec les dvico 6632 ?