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Full Version: WM News skins new and updated!
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I've updated the BBC, CNN, and Sky Weather Monitor skins in the Skin Library.

There's also a TrueSoft Forum Monitor too. There are still a number of improvements I want to make to it, specifically involving message display and alerts, but I've had a lot of requests, so it's in the library.

I also created an Aljazeera skin. However, the initial zip file didn't contain the provider file, so it's attached below. You'll need to download it, and rename it to aljazeera_news.ini then follow the instructions in the readme.htm file in the original zip file.*
<span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>* Edited by HorusUK 05:00 11/04/2004 - No longer required. The zip file in the skins library has been updated</span>

If any of you have suggestions for improvements to these skins, or ideas for new ones, please post them here!
the provider file was there for my download Wink
Indeed it was! Yuri has been an absolute star, and replaced the original zip file.

This download now contains all necessary files.

Thank you, Yuri! Big Grin