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Full Version: Weather Forecast - has been released
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Weather Forecast is light version of Weather Monitor. It show current weather conditions and conditions for 2 days. It is very easy to select the city for weather and easy to configure. Plugin supports skins.

Weather data provided by weather.comĀ®

[Image: wf1.jpg]


The picture posted looks great, so I want to try it. However, I installed it but it does not show up in the context menu under New. Sad

Also, since there is no Providers folder included, does this mean that it will only work with ???
Download it again from the same url. I've fixed the installation.

Quote:Also, since there is no Providers folder included, does this mean that it will only work with
Yes. It use XML Feed from
I can't seem to get weather for my zip (90007). It just shows the N/A icons
What is your connection? Check the properties. Also be sure in the IE option "Work Offline" is turned off. I've tested your zip and it show +67F Wink
would having the old one still installed and running have any impact?
Well, it's working now, I removed the weather monitor plugin and restarted. I'm not sure if it was the weather monitor or the restart that made it work. Either way, great plugin :-)
All I can say is "Wow"!. Well done, Yuri. I've got a LOT of work to do, to match that... Big Grin
Stupendous, terrific, great and impressive. Yuri, the Master, has exceeded his prior excellent reputation! Have you all noticed at the top of the right-click menu the extra features under "Weather Forecast"?

Thank you Yuri! Big Grin

Super job. Big Grin

Two minor problems.
1) Clicking on Pollen Reports brings up a blank page. ???
2) Clicking on ? About does nothing. ???
I found another problem. It doesn't seem to be updating. The weather says it was last updated at 5:47 and it's now 8:23. I changed it to update every 30 mins, but that didn't seem to do anything either. Is there anyway to manually refresh like in weather monitor?
Verifying 'About' does nothing.

bbfi - try another postal code not near your own and see what happens. Some areas have spotty coverage for pollen reports.
jgallen - take a look at the actual weather page and see if has a newer updated page or not. Sometimes the weather does not get updated as often as we expect.
just did, it says 60 on the website and 65 on my weather forcast plugin. On the website, it says it was last updated at 7:47pm
Ahaaa! We just now noticed the xml feed is not exactly the same as the web page! Perhaps we can only wait for to get synchronised better in the future! ???

Ours says in the plugin an update time 27 minutes later than the web page.
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